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F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Season 1 Review

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Season 1

I’ve been watching this show for years. Maybe it’s because I grew up preteen watching it, and still do every now and then, but I’ve always loved the show. That said, I personally enjoy the earlier years more, because that’s when they were all single and had problems.

The pilot I thought was a great start to the series. There’s an extended version that wasn’t aired, which is plenty better then the original. The main focus of the first season is how Ross likes Rachel, but never gets the guts at the right time to say it. This is repeated in multiple, often hilarious scenarios that play out across their daily lives. That’s the real charm of the show, it’s just six friends hanging out, living out their daily lives, and often there’s not any particular focus on any stories, at least not until the later seasons. It’s very funny and lighthearted, but it’s just one of those shows you feel like they’re living off somewhere like you are, just living day by day. The ending brought on the whole Ross & Rachel phenomenon, and was human, and well written.

As for the faults, there aren’t very many. Joey wasn’t written deeply enough, we got to know him, but not much more than the surface for the first season. The writers often said that in the beginning, they weren’t sure what to do with him, because him and Monica were supposed to be the shows original romance focus. Rachel’s character could have also used more development. It’s cheesy at times, but that’s just a staplemark that comes with the series.

Great great show. Though cheesy at times, it still provides a lot of laughs, and a look into these peoples’ everyday lives.

Rating: A-


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June 11, 2009 at 11:58 pm

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