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F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Season 2 Review

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n639177754_2070344_8425Season 2

The second season is about as good as the first.

Ross & Rachel got together soon after the start of it, so it wasn’t dragging out, but it was really cool how it happened. Joey become less of a cardboard character, with the writers giving him more emotional stories. Chandler gets a little kick in the butt to live life, with these sorts of things happening throughout the season. One thing I’ve liked about this, is how it’s not melodramatic, most of the time. If they’ve got you caring, next moment they’ve got you laughing. Most of their stories are better, because everybody was getting more development. The worst part of it was how Ross & Rachel were together, beacuse there wasn’t any conflict. As the writers have said though, it was meant to be build up to the third season break up. Monica & Richard were really the starring roles of this season though. With R&R done for the time being, the main focus was shifted on these two, and they did a really good job portraying an old & young couple, with their sad breakup ending the season on a very high note.

The flaws were smaller than the first season. For one, the writing with the characters was better. Rachel & Joey got more depth to them, and Monica showed her emotional side, as they all continue to live out their everyday lives. Still cheesy sometimes. One thing you begin to notice is how theiir character development is gradually building up over every experience, and it’s a very rewarding one at that. 😀

Rating: A-


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June 11, 2009 at 11:59 pm

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