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“Manga for this Week” Reviews [February 13th]

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The Sloth

Review: If you don’t know already, I don’t like the story at all right now, because Bleach died a long time ago. Despite that, I still wanna see how it ends, so I read on.

For about a dozen chapters we were treated to pointless battle scenes that screamed “DBZ” to all those reading. They added nothing to the story, with repetitive action that sometimes made no common sense, with most of the characters new and horribly written so. Now the last few chapters showed signs of more focus, with more story, but this chapter might be breaking that pace.

After switching back to Ichigo we’re treated to a new revelation; the Espadas can unleash their full power above the dome, or at least, the top four Espada. I think it’s stupid, I mean why the fourth? Just seemed like loose writing. And that’s all that happened. The only thing worth reading this for anymore, is seeing the artwork, and the pretty decent action.

Rating: D


Soul Eater

Seize Bab Yaga’s Castle 13

Review: I’ve been loving Soul Eater. Since Bleach died and Naruto is beginning too, it’s nice to have a great, consistent manga series to read.

This week was really good. The battle between Samurai and Black Star is over, and it ended with a very gripping emotional tug. It switches early over to Soul, Maka & Medusa, telling us a revelation that brings everything full circle; Arachne is becoming one with Kishin. Some fans thought Kishin has been gone for too long, I’m not one of them, but I’m sure this made the Baba Yaga Castle story arch satisfying for them. After, we’re treated to what I Call Soul Eater’s “Insanity Scenes”. This scenes show inner battles and conflict in the soul, and it was done perfectly, and drawn perfectly.

Overall this manga is getting better and better, I loved how the Author executed this chapter. It makes the monthly release worth all the wait.

Rating: A-



Banshou Tenin

Review: Naruto is beginning to die. I hate to say it, but it’s been going on for a dozen chapters now. Pain’s attack was way too rushed, not well thought out, and above all; lame.

Picking up right where it left off, it’s mainly a battle of ninja techniques and small little details in battles that surprise you, which is one thing the series has always been good at. Still, they have to be done at the right time, and this whole thing is way too rushed, with not even seeing some of the characters that died, and the ones we do see getting really stupid death scenes. Characters have been talking crap about how they can beat Pain for like a dozen chapters and it was getting pointless and annoying, but they finally found a solution. At least the art is decently good.

Overall this show definite signs of a waning series. Falling to cliches, and rushing things. It’s like the writer is making things happen all at once just so he can be done with it.

Rating: D+


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