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F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Season 4 Review

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n639177754_2070389_3414Season 4

Once again, just as good as season 1, a very consistent season. This is my favorite season, tied with season 1.

This was the year the show really showed it’s shine. It didn’t always have to be about Ross and Rachel, and it proved it, by showing the most diverse range of stories in their lives yet. Even so that was still their main focus, and watching them trying to date other people was hilarious. Monica was single again after that stupid Pete story line, which means she was back to where she was funniest. Chandler went through basic development, but Phoebe’s story shines here. It was a very selfless act for her to surrogate for her brother, and provided the depth that had been missing from her strange character from the past seasons. As it begins to end, R&R have their best dynamics. This was the breaking point because they had history, and enough of a stubborn streak from both so they wouldn’t admit it. The final in London caught everyone by surprise, it was some hilarious and great writing.

As always, it falls back to cheesiness sometimes. You don’t really notice it after watching enough of it, so it’s no too big a deal. They really improved upon Phoebe’s character. The only one they could have done better with was Chandler, whom didn’t have anything individually special for most of the season.

Overall though, this is the best season. A bit after this though, is when the series began to go downhill, despite the enormous potential this awesome season left over.

Rating: A-


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June 12, 2009 at 12:01 am

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